WordPress 3.1 Released – What you Need to Know

This morning a major new version of WordPress was released. Version 3.1 brings some new features to your blog and closes security holes since the most recent release.

If you are already a Blog Butler client and we manage your blog for you, then your blog has already been updated! Today you can focus on writing great content for your blog to help grow your business instead of worrying about upgrading your blog. Congrats to you!

If you are not a Blog Butler client, we encourage you to upgrade your blog as soon as possible. Why is this important?

As Mark Jaquith, one of the Lead Developers of WordPress said “I haven’t seen an up-to-date WordPress install get directly exploited in around five years. Seriously.” So upgrade as soon as possible.

Not sure how to do it? Contact the Blog Butler and let us help.

What’s New about WordPress 3.1?

New Admin Bar
The new Admin bar hovers at the top of your screen and allows you to quickly access important parts of your blog – things like creating a new post and approving comments. Pretty handy, and since this is on top of your screen while visiting your blog, you are most like to notice this change first.

Internal Linking
Linking to content on your own blog just got a lot easier! When in Visual editing mode, highlight the text you want to link. Click the link button and the window that pops up allows you to link to existing content on your blog – you can even search within the box for a specific page or post. Much easier than digging through your blog to find that post you want to link back to, then copying and pasting!

Sortable Columns
Quickly sort your posts or pages by date, author or title. It’s handy to be able to do this!

Security Updates
Every new version of WordPress includes important security patches. When a blog gets “hacked” or compromised it is nearly always due to running an old version of the code. The WordPress team is constantly patching holes that are found to keep your site as secure as possible – but those updates are useless if you aren’t using the latest version.


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